picture by Ajeie Brazov

Lesson number one: listen and repeat: "drunk". It's alterated state following assumption of excessive quantity of booze, yes, basically wasted... understand? Hush! Hush! You people from Bologna and Romagna, don't get word out! Here is t-shirt which has become legend: don't miss, original is mondomangano only, ok??

All manganized items display shiny prints, with happy funny colors, double sewed and reinforced on shoulders, and always give you best quality.
Point is, it's not usual lame t-shirt, but real fashion item gorgeous and tough for all occasions: even in trendiest nights out you will show how strong mondomangano spirit is vibrating in you!!

Discover from thumbnails on right your favorite model, come on!

boy fashion - drunk hunk    
summer 2005 mondomangano boy collection