Hi litto web friends,
you just walked in my brand new virtual house.
My name is mangano, animellow soft and yellow eager to do lots of things. You'll get to know me better through pages of this site. To tell truth last year my daddy already made me beautiful animated musical site, but as he never settles he decided to give me (ha ha!) and you brand brand nu websituation! This time he went minimal so you'll find all my adventures in stylish and cool environment.
But don't think this will change usual manganated spirit: this will always be small place in world where peace and fun, fantasy and joy rule. Now don't keep yourself from clicking on page you like best among those on right and let's start browsing together new fantastic magic book of mondomangano!

Oops, almost forgot: if you met me already then you know in mondomangano there are no articles; if you are here in this black and yellow universe for first time allow me to introduce myself: I am mangano and, bummertime, I speak with no articles... it's no hard stuff, you can learn too. Here is example: "Look at me playing with ball!"... see? Not harderful!

Very special thanks to my little friend Fede who teached me how to speak this very peculiar manganated slang! We'll miss you, bro! And now... let's go!

this is mondomangano spirit